Time to switch from traditional gas range to the all new induction cooktop!

It is a general thinking of people that we cannot cook without fire, or one can also say that we are the species who like to burn the things. But now is the time to say a big goodbye to the long kitchen flames and all the carbon monoxide along with the carbon monoxide detector. Is it really possible to cook without fire? Yes, there is a solution to the problem and it is possible to cook without fire if you have that solution at home it’s the induction cooktop.


So we can say that it’s the right time to say the gas ranges with multiple burners a goodbye and switch to the induction cooktop .  According to most of the customers who bought induction cooktop in the past years, it is really safe, easy, fast and efficient to cook the food items in the induction cooktop. Some may also favor the point that the induction cooktop eliminates all the carbon monoxide that is produced by the gas ranges or gas stoves.So we can say that prefer the one that is safe , powerful, flexible and efficient to use.

If you want to consider the induction cooktop also over the traditional gas ranges than you may look into the important points of the induction cooktop.


As we said above that the induction cooktops are fast as compared to the traditional gas ranges. The induction cooktops are fast as compared to the commercial and traditional gas stoves. If we do the general comparison between the two then we may find that induction cooktop may boil 1.5 gallons of water in 8 minutes whereas the traditional gas stove may take 12 minutes for the same.


Induction cooktops are also powerful than that of the traditional gas ranges and you will get the faster cooking meals with the induction cooktop. You can also lower the temperature of the induction cooktop as per your need. You can change the temperature settings from the extreme to the simmer temperature. Gas range are more difficult to manage than induction cooktops.


Induction cooktops are safe as they do not produce the carbon monoxide whereas traditional gas ranges are unsafe to use as they produce carbon monoxide , can cause burns, fires , or explosion. So the induction cooktops are safe to use.

These were some of the reasons why people prefer induction cooktops over the traditional gas range, moreover other factors including the design, look matter as well.

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