The top 3 cordless nail guns to handle any nailing task with ease

The rising power and declining prices of battery-operated and cordless nailers have turned them to an eye-catching substitute. They are able to operate on the majority of tasks that an air or gas-operated nail gun is able to complete, working on hardwoods in addition to soft woods, and they are also going to operate all day long.

You are also going to get total uniformity in nail depth. If you are disgusted with the sound of a compressor and are really tired of knotted hoses, these equipments are the best for you. Below is the list of top cordless nail guns, so that you can easily distinguish or screen one out for buying on this Christmas gadget sale to cash in the most reasonably priced machines and tools.


Bostitch Angled Finish Nail Gun

Specified that the Bostitch 2 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer is, in any case, a weighty nailing tool as compared to the WEN, you can suppose it to weigh up lots more. It is heavy, but it’s merely still 3.8 pounds. The producer asserts that at this load, it frames it as the lightest of its kind in the marketplace. Similar to the WEN, the Bostitch offers a rubberized lever and is power-driven through the air. The functioning range is midway between 70 and 120 psi, and it has usual 1/4-inch NPT fixtures. A benefit that the Bostitch has above the WEN is that it is free of oil, thus, there’s no danger of overload fluids staining or streaking the places you’re working on.

WEN 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

The WEN 18-Gauge Brad Nailer has a weight of nearly three pounds. The simplicity of use that makes way owing its lack of bulkiness is improved by its easy to grip, rubberized lever. The WEN is one nail gun that is air-driven, so you are going to require an air compressor that allows a quarter of an inch NPT fitting and offers an output ranging from 60 and 100 psi.

Paslode Straight Finish Brad Nail Gun

Paslode also provides one among the finest 18 gauge brad nailers in the industry. The model depicted here is an instant version which is perfect for bench jobs, upholstery, cupboard making, floor work and any purpose where you don’t require getting into uncomfortable spaces. Instant nail guns are fairly smaller, light in weight, and less burdensome than the inclined versions. It is moreover simpler to judge vertical by means of a straight nailer.

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