The finest tips to avoid grass mowing and yet maintaining your garden

The water uses in maintaining the lawn is really high as in summers the lawn grass requires more water for maintaining the lawn beauty. There are many of the gardeners who love to spend their time while caring and mowing the lawn. While others are also there who think that they are wasting their time while gardening and mowing the lawn. They really feel bored while wasting their weekend on maintaining the garden beauty. If you are one of those who do not wish to spend their time while caring for the garden beauty then there are several alternatives for you.


 Artificial Sod:

If you are not interested in serving the real grass of the lawn then you can also opt for the fake one for your garden. It has been years since the people use fake or artificial grass. Artificial lawn is sometimes mistaken as the real one. Yes, you can say that it will costs you more with the artificial grass while installation but once it will be installed you will end up saving more as you don’t have to serve the water and fertilizers for the artificial grass.

Paint the green:

There is another option when the weather is hot there as the grass will turn brown that simply indicates that the grass is dead or it may also be the reason that the grass is damaged because of the heat. If you want a solution to this problem then you could paint the grass green by a paint bottle of green color. This is not popular but seems good for these circumstances. The green paint will not cause any harm to the lawn grass and at the end, you can mow the grass whenever you need.

There are some professionals also who can do the job for you but it will be good if you do that yourself by mixing the paint and water together.

Rock garden theme:-

There is another option of rock gardening for the people that are frustrated while caring and maintaining the lawn. Some are even trying to decorate the garden with the ornaments, glasses, stone chips etc. A rock gardening will be a better idea if well designed as it will be able to absorb the rain that will provide color. The alternative uses less weeding and a less maintenance. The stone or rock garden will get hot under the sun so it will not be a good idea for the families having kids. However, there are some companies that will switch the garden to a rock garden that too at a low cost for you.

It is also important to take care of the garden shrubs and trim them regularly with the cordless hedge trimmer so as to maintain the beauty the beauty of the garden along with the lawn.

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