The difference of the hair clippers for humans & dogs!

Clippers are mainly designed to trim the large amount of unwanted hair which you can use under your head as well as on your chest and other body parts which the trimmers cannot do. The clippers are designed to do the function which the scissors do and other traditional tool does. All you have to adjust the clippers when you are using it according to the amount of hair present. If you are searching for the grooming accessories online for you and for your pet then you can check it out here before purchasing the clipper. As the human clippers and the pet clippers look similar but they are lots of difference between these devices.


The main difference between the human clippers and the dog clippers is the blade. You will find the human hair clipper blades equipped with the fine teeth which have the ability to clip 0.2 mm precise hair whereas many of the pet clippers come with the blade which leaves nearly 1/15 inches of hair. Both the clippers are equipped with the fine tooth and skip tooth where pet clippers must have the skip tooth blades which has the wider teeth by which you can cut the hair without pulling the fur whereas the fine tooth blades leave the smooth texture and have the letter F which comes after the size of the blade. If you are going to buy a human clipper then you will find that the F letter is not present on the tooth blades.


There are various clippers available in the market which comes with the attached grooming combs which help you deliver the uneven cut. The comb which is designed for the pets has the ability to cut the hair and leaves 1/15 inches to 2 inches of hair on the body whereas the comb which comes with the human clippers leaves less than 1 inches of hair. You may check the nose hair trimmer review.


If you are using the human clippers than it will just take few minutes of yours to cut your hair which is then stop and wait for the next customer arrival, whereas the motors of the pet clippers are designed in such a way that it can be used for the long duration without causing any overheating as it has the baffles which reduce the vibration as well as sound production. The baffles also reduce the fear factor present in the dogs as well as keep your hand active.

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