Robots Teach Robots : A New innovative technology

Numbers of players are involved to come up with the new innovative technology which is “Robots”. Robots are said to be one of the most awaited breakthroughs which surprise many people with its innovative technology. This is said to the most incredible device which learns all the tasks and thereby sends the information and the knowledge that he gathers from the task to the cloud which is picked by the other robot that also learns the same technology.


The main goal behind launching the robots is to learn and teach how to recognize and hold various items and the objects including the lightweight as well as the heavy weight items, they learn to upload the data and the information from the cloud. Apart from this, the robots transfer this information to the other robots that learn the same data and the information which the other robot has sent to help him or to teach him how to analyze and use the specific object.

Things that the Robots do

The robots which players are planning to launch are not able to perform various tasks including the packaging of the items, assisting the patients, and other important tasks which humans wanted that the robots might perform. As robots does not have the ability to recognize the human beings or to handle various objects.


Robots that they are planning tells you the best way which grasps and learn various things and holds various things which they send through cloud which other robots use, learn and implement in a different manner. As we are aware of the big data collection process which we have read in our childhood time, robots are now applying the same process in his routine task to grasp various objects and programming. By learning various objects and programming, the robots get the information and the data by passing it to each other.

They teach and learn various projects which many other robots use for their programming which is known as ROS which helps to teach the other robots. As one robot learns the given task, it passes the data to the other robot via cloud. These machines then upload the feedback which they refine the information and send it again to the other robot.

Tellex, who are working on the Robot project,  along with the partner Ashutosh. Tellex downloaded all the information which ashutosh was delivering to PR2 via cloud.Ashutosh, who taught to the PR2 robot, as how to lift small cups and to position them on the table.Tellexuses that information on Baxter to perform the similar task which PR2 was performing.


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