Experience 3D gaming with the Oculus Rift

oculus rift VR

Oculus rift is a device through which you can experience the virtual reality and a 360-degree view of the virtual world. Playing with the Oculus rift device will give you a real time experience of playing games, videos, and movies. The device has a headphone for an even better experience of the gaming world.

Virtual reality is the technique through which you can actually experience the virtual world that seems like real.

The oculus rift has two OLED screens that are available with the resolution of 2160*2100 px so that you can experience better image quality. It also has a tracking system. The oculus Rift has a fabric coating on the lighter yet strong body of it. With the flexible headset of the oculus rift it is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Oculus home has the collection of all games so that you can pick one of your choices. You can also see the games that others are playing. It will also give you an option to manage the games in the 2D version. The earlier version was not comfortable as compared to the current.

It has a sleek and elegant design that gives it a superior look and comfort to wear. It includes a plastic strap with the gadget. You also have the option to use your own headsets that may have better sound quality with the stereo speakers. It has a Volume slider through which you can manage the volume of the headphones easily.


Some amazing features :-

  • It has a USB port through which you can connect to other devices like headphone, controller etc.
  • A comfortable headset to experience the gaming in a better way. With the adjustable lenses and customizable positions of the headset, it is easy to play with the gadget.
  • Know the 3D space positioning of the player with the tracking technology of the gadget. Also, has the series of infrared LEDs.
  • Two OLED screens with the 2160*1200 px resolution to experience the clear images with the device.
  • Adjacent reality tracker to track the head movements. It also has some sensors with the device like magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope so that it will be easy for you to track the device through multiple dimensions.
  • HRTF technology with the oculus rift allows creating the 3D Audio. It is actually a head related transfer function that also has a head tracking system with it.
  • The virtual reality experience is controlled by the Oculus touch.
  • It has a partnership with the Microsoft and hence it is available with the Xbox One controller that allows the user to play the 2D games in the 3D game settings.


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